Xanthelasma Palpebrarum (Xanthomas, Cholesterol Deposits on Eyelids)

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Xanthelasma – Eyelid

Xanthelasmas – Eyelids

Xanthelasmas – Eyelids


  • Are a type of xanthoma (collection of fat and cholesterol)
  • Can affect either the upper or lower eyelids
    • Upper eyelids are affected more commonly
  • May be associated with a high cholesterol 50% of the time
    • If you have xanthelasma you should see your doctor to have your cholesterol checked
    • Lowering your cholesterol with either diet or medication will not improve xanthelasmas
  • Develop slowly over a period of months or years
  • Cannot be removed or treated with creams


  • Surgical Removal:
    • Can be removed by a simple procedure in the office
    • The affected area is ‘frozen’ or made numb with a small injection of anesthetic
    • Once numb, the xanthelasma is removed
    • Bleeding is prevented by electrocautery
    • There are no stitches or hospitalization required
    • The treated area will be crusted for about 7 to 10 days
    • Rarely there can be bruising with the procedure producing a black eye
    • Rarely a permanent white or pink scar may result from the procedure
    • After the procedure you may bathe or shower normally
    • Apply an antibiotic cream or ointment to the treated area daily until it is healed
  • Xanthelasmas may re-appear months to years after treatment

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