Wood’s Lamp Test for Sun Damage

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Areas of Sun Damage appear dark under the Wood’s Lamp

The Wood’s Lamp

The Wood’s Lamp Test – Sun Damage appears as Dark Areas

The Wood’s Lamp Test – Sun Damage appears Brown

Microdermabrasion can help to treat sun damage identified by the Wood’s Lamp Test

What is a Wood’s Lamp?

  • A Wood’s Lamp is a special hand-held light that emits “black light”
  • Black light is painless and not radiation
  • This special wavelength of light is used by a dermatologist or medical aesthetician to show aspects of the skin that are not visible to the naked eye
  • It is like a microscope that gives them an even clearer view of what is happening in the skin,
    • Such as sun damage, bacterial or fungal infections and lack of hydration
  • The Wood’s Lamp test is not used to identify skin cancer, but can identify sun damage, which is a risk factor for skin cancer

How is the test done?

  • Your skin is cleansed and make up is removed
  • You may either lie down on a treatment bed or remain sitting in a chair
  • The overhead room lights are dimmed
  • The wood’s lamp is turned on and directed to the area to be examined
  • Any area can be examined including the face, chest, arms and hands
  • A mirror can be used to show you areas of sun damage on your face
  • There is no pain at all with this procedure
  • There is no radiation, risk or sunburn or any other significant risk
  • The technician can point out areas of sun damage and inform you of options for treatment

What do the different colours from the blue light mean?

  • When the skin is exposed to blue light, the skin surface emits different colours
    • Each colour means something different
  • For example:
    • White = thick corneal layer (excess dryness)
    • White Spots = dead cells, abnormal skin maturation
    • Blue/White = normal healthy skin
    • Purple = thin skin, lacking moisture
    • Light Violet = dehydrated skin
    • Brown = sun damage
    • Pink/orange = oiliness
    • Bright fluorescent = hydrated skin
    • Yellow/orange = blackheads
    • Bright Yellow/Green = certain fungal infections
    • Bright “Coral Red” = certain bacterial infections
  • This is an amazing tool that allows both you and your skin care professional to see things that are not visible to the naked eye
  • Even better there is no risk of skin damage from the test
    • There is no radiation; no pain and it’s available free in our office whenever you see one of our aestheticians

Please note that this test CANNOT identify skin cancer and is not a skin-cancer screening tool

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