Strawberry Hemangioma (Strawberry Angioma, Strawberry Birth Mark)

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Strawberry Hemangioma

Strawberry Hemangioma

Strawberry Hemangiomas:

  • Are usually not present at birth
  • Usually appear at two to four weeks of age as a flat pink patch
  • May rapidly increase in size and become a dark red colour, up until the age of 18 months to two
  • After the age of two, start to slowly disappear
  • Fifty per cent will resolve by the age of five, ninety per cent will resolve by the age of nine
  • Are more common in girls
  • Are more common in premature infants
  • Are usually of no danger
  • Are not due to any specific event during the pregnancy


  • These lesions are usually only treated if they are causing a significant or life threatening medical problem for the infant such as:
    • Obstruction of vision
    • Obstruction of a nostril
    • Obstruction of an ear
    • Interfering with breathing
    • Chronic bleeding and infection
  • The best cosmetic outcomes result if strawberry hemangiomas are allowed to resolve spontaneously
  • Other treatments include:
    • Lasers
    • Surgery
    • Injections
    • Oral steroids
    • Beta blockers
    • All of these have been used to shrink hemangiomas but each has its own risks
    • Some of these treatments may produce more scarring, than if the hemangioma is left to resolve on its own
  • It is usually best to leave strawberry hemangiomas alone and to wait for them to disappear