Hirsutism (Excess Facial Hair)

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  • Excess hair (hirsutism) is typically noted on the face but may also been seen on the:
    • Lower abdomen
    • Breasts and nipples
    • Arms and legs
    • Chest
    • Lower Back
    • Hands and feet
    • Fingers and toes
  • Hirsutism is also more common in certain ethnic groups such as people from the Mediterranean Basin, Middle East and South Asia
  • It may be associated with excess production of male type hormones from the ovaries (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
    • This syndrome may be associated with irregular periods, weight gain, tendency toward developing diabetes and difficulty getting pregnant
  • Hormones levels, such as free testosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S) can be checked with a simple blood test


  • Traditional forms of hair removal that have been used include: sugaring, waxing, plucking, tweezing, electrolysis and shaving
  • Contrary to common belief, shaving will not make the hair grow darker, thicker or more quickly
  • If blood tests show elevated hormone levels, oral medications can be used to lower the hormones and reduces facial hair
  • Electrolysis may be used for hair removal
    • Unfortunately electrolysis is, time consuming, tedious and often not practical to treat large areas such as the legs and back
  • Lastly, the most effective form of long lasting hair reduction is Diode Laser Hair Removal

Which aesthetic procedures can be used for hair removal?

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