Chronic Paronychia

Serving Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby and surrounding areas

Chronic Paronychia:

  • Is an infection of the skin around a nail with the yeast Candida Albicans
  • May start as an Acute Paronychia and then turn into a chronic paronychia
  • Is often associated with damage the nail cuticle
  • Damage to the cuticle may occur if the cuticles are trimmed, pushed back, if the hands are in water repeatedly or if artificial nails are worn
  • The yeast enters the opening between the skin and the nail and produces an infection
  • The skin is often red and swollen around the nail
  • The skin is sometimes tender
  • There is usually no pus come out around the nail
  • The cuticle is almost always missing
  • The nail may be yellow or ridged, especially at the edges


General Measures:

  • Avoid contact with water
  • Wear gloves whenever your hands are in water, or if you are doing wet work (laundry, cutting up foods, etc.).
  • Do not push back or trim your cuticles

Topical Therapy:

  • A prescription topical nail lacquer can be used once daily
  • It is applied to the nail and to the skin around the nail, every day and removed once weekly with nail polish remover
  • It must be used for 6 months or more to see improvement
  • Do not use nail polish over the laquer as it may permanently discolour your nails

Oral Medications (Pills):

  • Please talk to your doctor to discuss your treatment options